6-7 October 2017 – Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London


Why Come?


5 reasons why you need to come and join us

  • Come to share your stories with us about your town and city.
  • Come to be inspired by the stories and teaching of others.
  • Come to be better equipped to back to your town or city to work alongside other leaders from churches and the spheres of business, health, education, arts, media to prayerfully re-imagine together God's heart and plans for your place.
  • Come to learn how to build stronger relationships with other people of good will in your city or town who are trying to make a difference and make your place a more compassionate, wholesome and healthy place to live in.
  • Come to have a greater understanding of how to pray for your city, town or village and to be an encouragement to those who are in positions of leadership, affirming them when they do well amidst all the difficulties they face in a time of scarcity and cuts to services.


What are we hoping to achieve?

Movement Day is not just a one off event, it is a pivotal moment in a long term ongoing conversation about the need to express mission in a unified approach and to see christians released to make a difference in the spheres of life.

There are some key outcomes we are aiming for:

1. To raise awareness: To significantly raise the awareness and need for a missional perspective of unity-for-transformation across the nation.

2. Accelerate unity across towns and cities: Accelerate the vision and scope of the existing movements and see a significant number of new unity-for-transformation movements arise in places where little is happening.

3. Accelerate unity in the spheres: To see a significant number of transformational networks of Christians in the cultural spheres starting up across cities and towns.

4. Mission priorities: To accelerate a number of key missional priorities which include evangelism, racial unity, the millennial generation, whole-life discipleship, public leadership, local government partnerships and justice issues.

5. Conversation: To create a large room for people to meet, connect, build relationships and see what God does.

6. Expression of national unity: To provide an event to culminate the year of unity 2017.