What's it all about?

A significant move of unity has been growing in cities and towns across the world as the Christian Church tries to reconcile with a contemporary world. Leaders from all denominations and cultural backgrounds are coming together to seek the welfare of their city, to pray, share and take action together to heal the wounds of a world in crisis.

This inclusive revolution of kindness and compassion includes not just church leaders but people working in the spheres of life, in business, arts, health, politics, local government, media, education and more; forming intentional networks all with a growing vision to see the places they have been called to dwell in, transformed and filled with Shalom.

This is a bottom up, informal missional movement where the Holy Spirit has been drawing together leaders from very different backgrounds towards a unifying vision. Passionate about their town or city people are working together in businesses, cultural institutions, food banks, as street pastors and youth workers,  sharing resources to provide social care and aid to the most vulnerable and needy, and seeking to influence the cultural spheres with a message of love and hope.

What could your place look like in the next 20 years if we really worked in unity, as one body, alongside people of peace across your city or town?

This is a movement that is gaining pace and significance and at Movement Day UK we will be drawing hundreds of people together to find out what God is doing and where He is leading us into the future. This is a big, shared conversation about some significant contemporary issues so come and add your reflections and be inspired to go back to your place to see and create change.

Who's Behind it?

Movement Day is a unified approach by many different organisations, networks and churches. At it's heart are the numerous unity movements forming in cities and towns among church and sphere leaders. Alongside these major groupings are individual organisations and people who have a heart to see their town or city significantly changed. They are people working for social justice, feeding the poor, serving as street pastors or community chaplains, running groups for children, young people and the elderly. They can serve as hospital porters or chief executives but their passion is the same, to make a difference for the people they serve and the place God has embedded them into.



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Bishop Angaelos - General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom and one of the 6 Presidents of Churches Together in England

Rt Revd Pete Broadbent - Bishop of Willesden and Deputy Bishop of London

Steve Clifford - General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Great Britain

Rev Lynn Green - General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Billy Kennedy - One of the 6 President's of Churches Together in England and leader of the Pioneer Network

Rev Gareth Powell - Secretary of the Methodist Conference