Social Transformation

Social Transformation

Changing the world one life at a time - the opportunities & challenges of developing & supporting innovative social action projects.

A track engaged in a conversation about:

  • The opportunities and challenges concerning urban renewal in our towns and cities.
  • Highlighting some of the most effective responses to urban renewal.
  • What would greater urban based kingdom transformation look like.
  • The opportunities and pressures for christians working in urban renewal in a secular and church context.
  • How can churches support, disciple and release christians to serve in urban renewal
  • What role can churches play in urban renewal.
  • How can christians who work in urban renewal better network together to see greater kingdom transformation.

“Seeking the welfare of the city” and being “good news for the poor” requires a passion for the hurting and disadvantaged in our communities. Christian caring projects and services also provide significant positive examples of good practice to secular authorities and help develop partnership opportunities.

Christians are increasingly being found at the heart of local communities providing innovative responses to the needs of people around them. A whole range of caring service are being developed often in collaboration with other Christians and also in co-operation with secular agencies including NHS, police, social services, education, etc.

This track will share a range of social transformation stories from different parts of the UK and will provide opportunities for everyone attending the track to share their experiences.  We will seek to identify the specific challenges faced by leaders of such projects and explore how we work collaboratively and maintain our Christian identity.

We will explore how we support and enable leaders to work collaboratively to address social care issues. We will identify emerging trends and potential growth opportunities.

We will:

1. Highlight a verifying range of innovative social transformation projects
2. Share good practice and challenges faced in starting and developing projects
3. Identify future opportunities and potential new partnership working

Who is speaking on this track?