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Sunderland Connect Network was born out of a sense of frustration that one church couldn't impact the needs in the city. They discovered that God can do so much more when the churches work together in unity.

Leaders in Sunderland have been praying faithfully since the 1990s for the transformation of the city. Now Sunderland Connect coordinates projects that are tackling homelessness, poverty, hunger and umeployment. Their strategic apporach is now intentionally collaborating with the local council and health services.

A team from Sunderland came to Movement Day UK in London in 2017 and immediately knew this was the right next step for them. Since then Roger Sutton, Movement Day UK Director, has been working alongside the team to work towards their first Movement Day Gathering. They have begun with workshops designed to grow vision for the city and to begin to see where transformation can be brought through strategic, coordinated action.

"We tried to describe Sunderland as a person and came up with the Sunderland Man who's catch phrase is "Ha'way man" and of course he's a Sunderland FC supporter! We used the map to begin to dream of what each area would look like socially, culturally and spiritually transformed." Deb Fozzard

Let's pray for Sunderland as they work towards planning their first Movement Day Gathering in 2020