The Arts

Come along and contribute to our vibrant conversation through group discussions, creative expressions, the sharing of stories, and some exciting teaching from those working in different sectors of the arts.

Over the past few decades the pace of cultural change in cities across the globe has accelerated considerably. It is therefore essential that the gathered Church both understands and takes its place at the centre of culture, as agents of beauty and collaborative, creative transformation as well as messengers of truth and goodness.

If you want to understand a city’s history, it’s changing story, it’s development and vision for the future then where do you go but to it’s museums and galleries, libraries and theatres. You listen to it’s music and drama, read their poetry and literature; you explore art works and public sculpture, their architecture and design, as all tell a cultural story of what our values are, what we believe in and what our priorities are; they offer vision and hope and ideals to work towards.

The Arts help to shape the way a city thinks, feels and acts and ultimately re-imagine our futures.

In these track sessions we will be learning from inspirational stories of creative transformation where the Arts have been used powerfully to bring about meaningful spiritual and social change, neighbourhood cohesiveness and a greater sense of wellbeing and healing.

We will be looking at the following themes:

  • Who am I? How do I find my space in the world of the Arts as a Christian? How do I express honesty and vulnerability in a culture of self promotion?
  • What do I believe about my world? How do I understand and critique the spaces I work and live in through my creativity? How can I relate to and befriend the spaces that God has planted me in?
  • How can I make a difference? How can we use our creativity to contribute to the spiritual and physical well being of our communities? How can we engage meaningfully in the cultural conversations in our towns and cities and nation?

If we are to re-imagine a better Kingdom future for our cities then it is essential we work with, learn from and encourage all sectors of the creative arts to enable meaningful and compassionate change.

Let's learn from one another and consider ways to draw creatives together in towns and cities across the UK to be change makers and cultural leaders in their place.

Who is speaking on this track?